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Our mission is to build and secure retirement plans and to mitigate the impact of inflation for our customers. With our determination, risk aversion and technology we believe to make a contribution distributing the money away from overblown institutions towards people who need it most for their families, local businesses or communities.

My Story

When I started my journey in the trading world, I realized that trust and reliability is rarely found when it is about money. Initially I tried to build a trading system from scratch. The development resulted in a dead lock where I ran out of ideas and went to check commercial providers of Expert Advisors. The market with Expert Advisors is full of scam and platforms, which even support the scammers. So it took me quite some time until I was able to distinguish between noise and the real and valuable information out there. You probably also know coaches or books filled with tactics like "do this and than that".  But when trying this out, you end up with a loss a month later.

For me, the "aha" moment came from a completely different domain. One day, I decided to reactivate my Kung Fu - Wing Tsun training. Once I was in a training fight, it hit me leterally in my face. You can't predict what your opponent will do. However, you can provoke - my Sifu calls it "invite" - the opponent to do a specific move or attack which you expect so you can proceed after that much faster than he expects gaining advantage. At the end it is about having a set of skills and the ability to combine them quickly according to the behaviour of the opponent. This was the new beginning of the new breed of my trading strategies: Take a hit or two you expect but be ready to strike even harder after that. Once I emotionally knew how it feels catching a moderate hit, I wasn't afraid anymore to open positions and to close them without hope for reversal. 

Soon after I fixed my manual trading, I designed automated processes which follow playbooks for different scenarios were losses are part of the plan. The manual trading and the new trading robots were deployed to my new private investing company and there after I focused on the quality of the software. Today, my team and myself work hard to scale up the concepts to help as many traders and owners of investment companies as possible.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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