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Make your trading rock- solid 

Have manual trading, trading gurus, online seminars, account managers or trading bots failed to consistently generate trading profits for you as well?

Let's face it...

Real performance success is usually presented only for a very short period of time or even worse, within Telegram Channels where loosing trades are simply deleted. 

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But, here is the biggest and less obvious problem... the internet is full of naive strategies, which add to loosing positions and hope that the market will revert. Usually it does. But it feels like crossing the street blindfoldedly because it worked last few times.

And this is also the reason why more than 90% of all traders are burning  their hard earned money over a time span of only a few months. 

AI for Gold takes only the trades it is very confident with and never increases the risk after a loss. This leads to very high reliability. But let's have a look at the performance first.

Performance in 2020


Performance in 2021


Performance in 2022

Performance 2022

Performance in 2023

Performance 2023

How is that even possible?

It took me years and a lot of losses until I discovered this trick how to build trading bots with superior robustness.  First time I heart about this idea was from a rocket engineer, who explained me how they ensure the reliability of a rocket worth of hundreds of millions. They call it Redundancy. It works like this:

Imagine three chains holding a heavy gold bar. Every chain is strong enough to hold the gold bar alone.

And here comes the awesome trick: all three chains need to break so the bar can fall down. Let's assume that the probability of each chain to break is about 40%. We calculate the probability that all chains break and multiply all three probabilities:


So we reduced the failure probability from 40% to 6.4% using this redundancy trick! 🤯

You may ask now: Hey, that is a fancy story, but how can we use it for trading?

That is indeed not simple. It took me another few years to come up with an approach to separate a huge hodgepodge into three, well separated chains. 

1) Price Action Entry Patterns, 2) Money & Risk management 3) Trade prediction.

Price Action Entries


Some time ago I dived into all the price action books, courses and videos from the god master of Price Action AL Brooks. I spend so much time researching and coding the ideas into MetaTrader, so you don't have to do it over again.

I eventually developed an automated pattern design technique which maximazises the reliability  of the pattern.

The price action setup we use inside AI for Gold is sensitive to a higher-high and an higher-low fractal when it comes to trigger a Buy-position. After this setup is observed, the EA waits for the price to pass the higher-high level to confirm the trend continuation. There are also several internal criteria such as minimal and maximal distance between the highs and lows, but these are all optimized for best reliability of the pattern. 

Money Management


The paradox of making money on the markets is this: the Money-Management module that will
generate money is also the most boring part of a strategy. Everyone wants to shout out to the world that they found a great ICT or Smart-Money Entry pattern.


What would you think of someone who drives their car in first gear only? Hardly Nobel Prize material.  Constant risk is as efficient as a Lamborghini stuck in first gear. This Money Management module is the automatic gearbox that will ensure a smooth and comfortable transition from minimum to moderate risk.

When the EA makes money, we let it trade slightly larger positions. When it's loosing, we focus on capital protection. In other words, this EA decreases the lot size when things go wrong and increases it when we are in a winning streak.  

That's not all: The automatic gearbox has two modes: Safe and Max-Risk. You decide how much action you like! You will receive for each mode a separate configuration (set-file).

Artificial Intelligence


Don't worry, I won't bother you with ancient explanations of what a neural network or perceptron are. Let's come just to the point, why we use AI here: 

AI is employed to predict the outcome of a trade just before the strategy executes it.

That's all.

A super nice bonus is that the AI module can say how confident it is in the prediction. 

If the AI module predicts that the next trade will be a winner and it is very confident about it, we execute that trade.

The main advantage of applying the AI filter is that we see much less loosing trades.

The equity growth is also steady and we have much fewer and shorter recovery periods.

If the AI module predicts that the next trade will be a winner with high confidence, we execute that trade.

Note, that the AI module has been trained on data before 2022. All trades and backtests you saw above for 2022 and 2023 were a result of "out of sample" predictions. This way we avoid overfitting and make AI for Gold extremely long-term stable.

What Users Say


Very professional approach from the Seller. Knows what he is producing.......After Sale service is top as well. - User 7NamFx7 from Namibia


One of the best EAs in my big collection.. Works well, author is always ready to help. I would recommend this EA for live trading with appropriate risk, which shall be checked in MT5 tester with real ticks! from your broker. Thank You, dear Eugen - Igor from Russia


+15% the first week of trading... the author is always avaible to help... can't wait to see what that EA will bring - User rileyfx from France


The author is very helpful and responsible. EA looks promising and I am looking forward to the follow up trading results - Wendi Zheng from China

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