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BFG 9000

This brand new GOLD trading system rips off the market!

It generates about $100.000 per week for all of us. Join and start making money like never before.

What is it?

You probably observed that the internet is full of aggressive and risky trading bots. Sadly, I realized that when I was using them on minimal risk settings, the profits were too small to pay the rent for the VPS servers. And every time I increased the positions, these bots were blowing up the account. 

I kept researching and evaluating new risk control strategies. So many people told me that there is no way to control them. But finally, I FOUND a way!

It is very similar to a secret Poker strategy. It is so effective, that it is FORBIDDEN in casinos!  I even published a blog article about it: The Forbidden Blackjack Strategy for Trading

Recently, I invented a crazy risk control algorithm based on this Poker strategy.
Scientists also call it Backwards Induction.  It was published back in the 80ies by former IBM researchers.

This changed everything! The impact is so MASSIVE ! It turned most of my expert advisors into crazy money making beasts!

And here we are:
BFG 9000 is the best of these beasts. It is automatically caged and released by the brand new risk control strategy. I will elaborate more on how it works later. Let's check its performance now.


World Class Traders Love BFG 9000



from Switzerland

I have been using the ea for a month now, it works like a swiss watch, simply perfect. Eugen is also always very helpful, for these reasons well deserved 5 stars!

Quality and completeness:

Reliability and Usability

User support:






from Germany

I must confess that I have been a little skeptical... I was convinced by the attention to detail of the EA.
Few, very few EAs will be found on the market of this quality.

Quality and completeness:

Reliability and Usability

User support:






from Philippines

I am impressed how the EA performs. Sniper entry indeed a gold killer. The owner is very supportive and responsive whenever you need assistance. 

Quality and completeness:

Reliability and Usability

User support:





BFG 9000 works on a 100% auto pilot with the new risk control strategy.
It is expected to achieve 100%-200% per year.

2024 - Live Results

BFG 9000 is running on many, many live accounts where it generates profits EVERY DAY.

LowRiskOverviewWeekly (2).png

Join the family of Gold hunters and experience how it feels to receive profits from the Gold markets!

Past Backtest Performance


00:00 / 00:29

Computer, tell me, what am I looking at?



00:00 / 00:28

Computer, tell me, what am I looking at?



00:00 / 00:23

Computer, tell me, what am I looking at?



00:00 / 00:12

Computer, tell me, what am I looking at?



00:00 / 00:09

Computer, tell me, what am I looking at?


Executor Extension

BFG9000 contains a smart risk management and a solid entry detection algorithm. But to become a real killer, you can use your knowledge about the markets make even more money. Much more!

Imagine you can command the robot to open a new trade right now.

It will manage the trade to the profit target what ever happens!

This ability will make your trading so awesome, you will never want to trade without it ever again! 


News Trading

See how BFG9000 makes quick money during news events. Scheduled news such as NFP, CPI, PMI  make the price spike and revert to some extent. This is perfect for BFG9000.



I had the chance to test BFG before its release and I must say, ...


I had the chance to test BFG before its release and I must say, ...


Why is it so safe?

Would you go on holiday in December to a location which is known to get flooded every December? Probably not.  BFG9000 would also not go. No no.
What we do instead is, we go on holiday when the weather is great! Book all the great trips and hotels and have max fun!
BFG9000 has a built-in drawdown forecast. It increases the position sizes when no high drawdown is expected. It waits then for a drawdown trade and increases the lot sizes after that for a short time. 


The chart above shows that we can expect at least 11 trades of low drawdown between two trades with high drawdown. During that time we can make serious money. Not just driving in the first gear.

What is the minimal account balance required?

You should start with a least $1000. In case you would go lower, I will give you precise instructions on how to setup a special broker account, where you can deposit $100 and trade virtually $10.000. This would be safer than safe.

Can I trade my Prop Firm account?

Yes! You will need to pause it manually  after some FOMC meetings or after war outbrakes. 


The EA will be very accessible for quick traders. It will be released on

forDesktopMQL (2).png

Best for you: get it quickly for $299 and enjoy a life-time license with all features. Same license will cost $599 in a few days.

What you should do now:
Subscribe and receive access to demo, live accounts AND thrilling news.


Get pricing, download and other information.

Thanks! But Wait ! ...

Wait Eugen,

You need to see this!

As a new subscriber, you can rent BFG 9000 for JUST $19 a week. 

With this license, you will be able to use all features in live trading for 7 days!

💰 Running 100% algotrading system on your live accounts

💰 Using the Executor - The Money on Demand Extension to make even more money!

💰 Full support from my side

Would you like to use this  ultra-low-risk-entry opportunity to try BFG 9000 on your accounts?

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