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BFG 9000

This GOLD (XAUUSD) trading system rips off the market.

Get ready to receive a call from your broker begging you to stop trading.


You probably observed that the internet is full of aggressive and risky trading bots. Back in 2021 I also had used similar strategies. Sadly for me, I had to keep these beasts  in a cage and allowing them to trade minimal lot sizes only.
I always asked myself what tricks did the most successful hedge fund Renaissance Tech use? 
And just recently I discovered a risk management strategy based on scientific Backwards Induction, which was initially implemented there back in the 80ies by former IBM researchers for speech recognition. This changed everything. The impact is so massive, it can turn every dangerous expert advisor into a crazy money making beast.
And here we are: BFG9000 is such a beast being automatically caged and released by the new risk management strategy - I describe it in this blog article.


BFG9000 can work on a 100% auto pilot with the unique very safe risk management strategy. It makes then lousy 100%-200% per year.

But it becomes a real killer if you have a basic understanding of the market. 
I use BFG9000 as a tool and increase the position sizes from time to time. The Live results below show how it works out.

2024 - Live 

00:00 / 00:28

Computer, tell me, what am I looking at?

The Gold market seems to fit BFG9000 very well in the first months of each year. Using this information, you can increase and decrease the positoin sizes like I do in this Live Account tracked by BlueFX.


Do you think it is possible that there is more information which can help us to scale up and scale down BFG9000? Yes there is! I will publish it for customers for free!


00:00 / 00:29

Computer, tell me, what am I looking at?



00:00 / 00:28

Computer, tell me, what am I looking at?



00:00 / 00:23

Computer, tell me, what am I looking at?



00:00 / 00:12

Computer, tell me, what am I looking at?



00:00 / 00:09

Computer, tell me, what am I looking at?


News Trading

See how BFG9000 makes quick money during news events. Scheduled news such as NFP, CPI, PMI  make the price spike and revert to some extent. This is perfect for BFG9000.



I had the chance to test BFG before its release and I must say, ...


I had the chance to test BFG before its release and I must say, ...


Why is it so safe?

Would you go on holiday in December to a location which is known to get flooded every December? Probably not.  BFG9000 would also not go. No no.
What we do instead is, we go on holiday when the weather is great! Book all the great trips and hotels and have max fun!
BFG9000 has a built-in drawdown forecast. It increases the position sizes when no high drawdown is expected. It waits then for a drawdown trade and increases the lot sizes after that for a short time. 


The chart above shows that we can expect at least 11 trades of low drawdown between two trades with high drawdown. During that time we can make serious money. Not just driving in the first gear.

What is the minimal account balance required?

You should start with a least $1000. In case you would go lower, I will give you precise instructions on how to setup a special broker account, where you can deposit $100 and trade virtually $10.000. This would be safer than safe.

Can I trade my Prop Firm account?

Yes! You will need to pause it manually after FOMC meetings or after war outbrakes. 


The EA will be very accessible for quick traders. It will be released on

forDesktop (4).png

Best for you: get it quickly for $99 and enjoy a life-time license with all features. Same license will be available for  $599 per Year after July 2024.

What you should do now:
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